Home Insulation and Weatherization

Cleveland, Ohio Area

img_3041Attic Insulation

  • Assessment of existing insulation material and its effectiveness
  • Examination for possible structural defects
  • Thermal bypass (openings, holes, and penetrations that leak heat) evaluation which may include thermal imaging.
  • Attic ventilation assessment (soffits, ridge vents, baffles)


  • Thermal imaging technology
  • Blower door pressure testing.
  • A physical, on-site evaluation to determine corrective solution
  • Specializing in wood, aluminum, brick and stucco exteriors.

Crawl Spaces

The latest approved technology in process and material from the Building Performance Institute, which can include:

  • Viper Crawl Space moisture membrane
  • Seam sealing utilizing mastic and tape
  • Commercial Grade encapsulated insulation
  • Spray-on two-part urethane foam

img_2825Air Sealing

We utilize blower door technology to locate areas requiring attention. Thermal bypasses and pipe penetrations are sealed to prevent heat loss through the use of a two-part foam application and specialized insulation.

Bath Fan Installation

As part of our on-site evaluation we analyze and recommend the importance of proper fan sizing and the installation of insulated ducting to a roof termination. Bath fan exhaust ducting that ends in the attic is a leading contributor of moisture buildup in attics.